Aug 1, 2010


Life is interesting.

Sometimes I wish it were boring, and that I could count on sameness and consistency and my illusion that I have some measure of control. But I don't live on Easy Street (I'm convinced no one does). I live on Adventure Boulevard or Surprise Avenue or Holdontoyoursocksitsgonnagetwild Drive.

More precisely, I live on Begonia Terrace.

Remember that post where I waxed dramatic about real estate and my bank account? Yeah, well, those were my thoughts and feelings that day (and for several days following). But those thoughts and feelings slowly morphed into another plan, which begat a different idea, which led to these other thoughts and feelings, which developed another animal entirely. This was a very emotional process for me, and if I could sell tickets for other people to ride my roller coaster of a summer, I think I'd attract thrill-seekers worldwide.

The short story is that Garry flew to Mesa on Friday and drove us home on Saturday. We are back in Colorado Springs, and our house is off the market. Our moving plans are officially on hold while we catch a collective breath, take stock, and simply enjoy each other and our life in the gorgeous state of Colorado. We trust that if a move is part of our eternal plan, then God will work out the details.

Having the perspective of the last six weeks, I am very grateful for my blessings: for dear parents who are generous and patient and forgiving; for Garry's stable and rewarding employment; for children who can adapt; for cherished friends; for air conditioning; for the priesthood and the temple; for repentance; and most of all, for a husband and children living together with me under one Colorado roof.

I have a new ability to see and feel and appreciate the joys in my life. And if that is the reward for this craziest of summers, then the journey was worth it.
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