Aug 18, 2010

Twenty teef

Over the years I have decided that an important parenting strategy is to explain, prepare, and introduce transitions very slowly. I should have low expectations in a new situation. Change is hard, especially for kids, and new things can be scary.

Today's new thing: the dentist.

Today's subject: Gavin.

My expectation: hiding, general lack of cooperation, minimal participation in actual dental examination, possible screaming.

Actual experience: general lack of cooperation, stubborn demand for things to proceed in his way, lots of interference from Lexi, some participation in the dental exam.

Conclusion: the visit exceeded a good way! Hooray!

And, by the way, Gavin has twenty teef that aren't very clean. I have low expectations for dental hygiene with my two-year-old. Apparently I need to raise the bar.
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