Aug 6, 2010

A Colorado Day

I have been having blogging withdrawals. Computer issues have prevented me from posting pictures, and I have so many awesome pictures to share! Three cheers for Garry, who fixed the problems last night.

We have been back in Colorado almost a week. What a lovely week! Even though our return to the Springs was not the original plan, I have new eyes for its beauty and new love for my home and friends here. Although I am sad our moving plans have not worked out as expected and I miss my dear family, this is our home for now and I am content.

I could hardly wait for our first morning walk. We set out on Monday morning, eager for cool breezes and a familiar route. When we stopped at the "hidden" park on the way home, the kids scattered for their favorite toys. They met friends as they played, and we ended up staying an hour instead of the originally allotted 15 minutes. I was ready to capture our adventures with the camera.

Lexi has grown up a lot this summer. Parks are fun for her now, and she has NO fear. She loves to climb to the highest places and adores going down slides. She is not content to swing for long. What a big girl!

She also wants to be just like her big brothers. She grabbed Tyler's abandoned bike helmet and made it her own for awhile.

Zach and Gavin did a few laps around a green space adjacent to the park. Here they are doing the "silly run," with arms flapping and legs splaying awkwardly out to the sides. I wish these pictures included a sound clip with Gavin's delighted giggles. Another time, Tyler and his new friends did a lap on their bikes. Zach ran the perimeter barefoot on the grass -- and beat all of the kids on bikes!

When he wasn't running, Zach was climbing. Monkey Man loves the high places!

Tyler followed suit, but mostly played with the other little boys at the park. I exchanged numbers with their mom; we hope to set up another park date soon.

This week we have enjoyed several trips to the park, often associated with our morning walk. We also attended a park playgroup for the first time this summer. Seeing old friends was so much fun! We are slowly getting back into our routine at home, with chores and reading, regular bed- and nap-times, and even the daily afternoon thunderstorms.

It feels so good to be back!

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