Aug 9, 2010


I love the old adage that the only constant is change! It's definitely an accurate description in my world.

As thrilled as I am to be back in Colorado Springs, with the stresses of moving tabled for a while, I couldn't resist changing things up a little almost as soon as I got back. While I was unpacking I reorganized drawers and sorted clothes and toys, filling bags for Goodwill and a humanitarian effort at church. I pulled boxes in from the garage -- tub toys, baby toys, and kitchen stuff -- that we packed away in January. And then I started moving furniture.

I moved the rocking chair out of Lexi's bedroom (since she isn't nursing any more) and made a little space for her to play. I emptied the drawers of receiving blankets and burp cloths and filled them with toys. I imagine a Christmas dolly will find a home here in a few months. Lexi loves her space.

The rocker now lives in the great room upstairs. I spruced up the couch and chair with pillows. I love the extra splash of color.

I also pulled out the bedding (or the beginnings of bedding) we bought in March (oh, what a tale!). I returned all of the fabric (a tale that rivals the story of its purchase) and bought pillow covers. The rest of the pillows are a work in progress, or, more accurately, a future purchase. But I love-love-love the face lift it gives our tired bedroom. I'm anxious to replace the red valance and red wall art, but I think that will take some time.

In non-house-related news, Lexi is now riding in a forward-facing car seat. She weighed 20.3 pounds on the day we left Mesa, so I flipped the seat, thinking it would ease our ride home. Actually, she screamed for 2/3 of the 15-hour drive, but now she likes her view of the world. Lexi is also sporting pig tails nearly every day, and her smile is due to change: she is working on five new teeth.

I also cut bangs for myself. I alternately love them and despise them. Once again I have learned that a hair cut does not change my life.

On Sunday my calling changed, too. I was a token member of the Relief Society meeting committee (but never functioned in that capacity since I spent the summer elsewhere), but was released from that responsibility and sustained as a Relief Society instructor. I am thrilled! I should only be teaching one Sunday a month, and I have agreed to substitute as the pianist until that vacancy is filled. These responsibilities should be a good fit for my life.

Until something changes.


granny said...

You are right...change is the only thing we can really count on. I like your housey changes!

shaina said...

Little changes always lift the spirit, for me anyway.

How the heck did you return material?

angieinpink said...

WHAT A FUN POST! {whoa caps lock}.... seriously! so cute! love the changes. lexi kills me. she is so adorable! and hello! the sneak peek of your bangs...adorable! *love.

angieinpink said...
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The Wizzle said...

That picture of Lexi in her new spot is just the cutest! Oh my goodness.

And you big tease! I want a picture of your WHOLE face! The bangs look great. I love little changes like that.

And form one perpetual-house-tinkerer to another, I would love to see more pics of the house changes too. Sounds fantastic!

Christa Johnson said...

All wonderful changes!!! You guys look like you sure have got it together!!!!!!

Grandma said...

Congrats on your new calling. You should really enjoy it. Lexi is just soooooooo cute:)

Lars said...

I love all these great posts. Life is challenging. You've got some great survival abilities! Hugs!

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