Aug 9, 2010


I love the old adage that the only constant is change! It's definitely an accurate description in my world.

As thrilled as I am to be back in Colorado Springs, with the stresses of moving tabled for a while, I couldn't resist changing things up a little almost as soon as I got back. While I was unpacking I reorganized drawers and sorted clothes and toys, filling bags for Goodwill and a humanitarian effort at church. I pulled boxes in from the garage -- tub toys, baby toys, and kitchen stuff -- that we packed away in January. And then I started moving furniture.

I moved the rocking chair out of Lexi's bedroom (since she isn't nursing any more) and made a little space for her to play. I emptied the drawers of receiving blankets and burp cloths and filled them with toys. I imagine a Christmas dolly will find a home here in a few months. Lexi loves her space.

The rocker now lives in the great room upstairs. I spruced up the couch and chair with pillows. I love the extra splash of color.

I also pulled out the bedding (or the beginnings of bedding) we bought in March (oh, what a tale!). I returned all of the fabric (a tale that rivals the story of its purchase) and bought pillow covers. The rest of the pillows are a work in progress, or, more accurately, a future purchase. But I love-love-love the face lift it gives our tired bedroom. I'm anxious to replace the red valance and red wall art, but I think that will take some time.

In non-house-related news, Lexi is now riding in a forward-facing car seat. She weighed 20.3 pounds on the day we left Mesa, so I flipped the seat, thinking it would ease our ride home. Actually, she screamed for 2/3 of the 15-hour drive, but now she likes her view of the world. Lexi is also sporting pig tails nearly every day, and her smile is due to change: she is working on five new teeth.

I also cut bangs for myself. I alternately love them and despise them. Once again I have learned that a hair cut does not change my life.

On Sunday my calling changed, too. I was a token member of the Relief Society meeting committee (but never functioned in that capacity since I spent the summer elsewhere), but was released from that responsibility and sustained as a Relief Society instructor. I am thrilled! I should only be teaching one Sunday a month, and I have agreed to substitute as the pianist until that vacancy is filled. These responsibilities should be a good fit for my life.

Until something changes.
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