Aug 15, 2010


See Gavin.

See Gavin hug a tree.

See Gavin hug a tree he has climbed.

See Gavin be silly in the branches.

See Gavin in a tall, tall tree.
See Mommy have a heart attack.
See Gavin laugh.

Oh, Gavin.....


that's what she said...

lol, that made me giggle. but probably only because it wasn't my child. :)

Colleen said...

Does this surprise mommy at all? It does not surprise me! I love the huge grin. And congrats on the nursery attendance! YAY!

granny said...

Um, granny just had a heart attack from a distance. Bless his little heart.

Jeff and Lori said...

Oh Gavin indeed! He looks so proud of himself. Is he equally good at climbing down?

Grandma said...

I see we added some little steps up the side of the tree. What can I say. His dad was a big tree climber too and he survived just fine. Gavin is so cute! I love the grin.

Melanie said...

Oh Mama! Yee haw!

The Wizzle said... Well, he looks delighted with himself, doesn't he?

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