Aug 9, 2010

stream of consciousness

Ah, nap time. Will this always be my favorite time of day? I really ought to take a nap myself, but I think my mental health will benefit from doing something I enjoy while the kids are sleeping.
This is Lexi's second nap today. She went to bed so late last night and got up so early, and she's working on five teeth right now. Sleep is a hot commodity, and she doesn't get enough.
Despite her small size, however, she sure eats a lot. That girl can put the food away! She's especially carnivorous now, a meat-and-potatoes girl.
My other kids are increasingly picky, though. They have taken to skipping meals because I refuse to be a short-order cook. Tyler "fasted" both breakfast and lunch (with a hearty snack in between) because he didn't like the cereal we had for breakfast and he hates mac and cheese. I can't keep up with his preferences. Yesterday all three boys cried through dinner. I cooked all seven nights last week and someone was upset at every meal.
Maybe that's why my floor is so dirty. Seriously dirty. My kids cannot keep their food off the floor. Last week, after mopping it again for the first time post-Arizona, I bought new mopping supplies. I used them today. Epic fail. I think the mop and solution would buff up the wood to a nice shine if it was already clean. But scrubbing up dried milk and cereal? Not a chance. In my next house I'm pouring a concrete floor with a drain in the middle and rigging an industrial-sized hose in the ceiling.
Which brings me to the carpet. We are getting quotes for new carpet throughout the house and I am ever hopeful that we can afford the cost. Black carpet, perhaps? That wouldn't show the dirt, or the mark of a hot iron, should that ever happen again.
And no, we are not getting quotes because someone has offered to buy the house. The carpet is really just for me. (Merry Christmas for the next ten years? Maybe.)
Also just for me: the sugar cookie dough I made last night and stored in the fridge, just to eat, bit by bit, when I felt the urge. Someone please save me from my compulsive eating.
Last night when we were reading scriptures, Gavin said, "It's my turn! I will say, "And it came to pass...and the Lord...commanded...." He is so glad to have his own copy of the Book of Mormon to hold while we read each night, even if he is running around the room or doing somersaults or jumping off the coffee table.
Gavin is also saying his own prayers now. Out of the blue, he decided he was ready, and he DOES NOT want help. He prays for the cutest things. If it was appropriate to record prayers, I'd have the camera out every time.
Our family has been praying that Gavin will feel comfortable attending nursery class on his own. It's a big step that he'll attend with Garry in the room now, but we are hopeful that he will soon make the solo transition. Change is hard, but we're lucky to have a fantastic nursery leader in our ward who seems devoted to Gavin's cause.
I taught Relief Society yesterday. I loved studying and preparing for the lesson on the priesthood. I loved delivering the message (even if no one brought their manuals or scriptures or would comment). Why do I love teaching the women at church? I used to like being the center of attention and thought I had important things to say, but that isn't true of me anymore.
Zach's football practices start today. I am hopeful that Zach will enjoy the physical outlet, and maybe sleep longer and be kinder to me.
I am so sad that we don't live in a neighborhood with kids. But school starts a week from today. I am thrilled. School time, nap time, bed time....I'm noticing a pattern here!


Shannon said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who cooks for complaining kids. They used to eat almost anything--now they eat practically nothing without complaining. I'm a firm believer in home-cooked dinners, but the crying and whining makes me want to resort to chicken nuggets and burritos for the rest of my life. It's HARD!!!!

Melanie said...

Kids complaining about dinner caused the invention of my well-used phrase, "Did you mean to say, thank you, darling mother?!?"

Hang in there Mom! Maybe when you get more sleep you'll need less cookie dough. Until then, I say enjoy!

angieinpink said...

i hear ya, dude. chloe went to bed after having 6 grapes for dinner. ya, that's right- 6 grapes.

fun! are you replacing the carpet downstairs? or putting carpet upstairs?

Colleen said...

First, I think you are a fabulous teacher. What a great calling for you! Second, hahahaha! Love the concrete with drain idea. Third, my kids are picky as can be too. It's really annoying. Fourth, I made peanut butter chocolate rice krispy treats today just because I wanted some, then I had the boys carry some to the neighbors just so I wouldn't eat them all myself because I would. Why do we eat when we are stressed? And finally, me too on the back to school. Can't wait!

The Wizzle said...

I love this post. Concrete floor, with drain, sounds like a plan made of pure genius to me! And I am also NOT a short order cook. Not a friggin' chance. They won't starve. Maybe you could get earplugs? Or do self-hypnosis or something so you can't hear them? Like, a certain key phrase could trigger a hypnotic state and it could only be broken by the sound of the bathwater running?

Grandma said...

Lots of new info. Glad Zach gets to start football. Fun to have new carpet.

Hoppers said...

I love the kitchen floor idea too. In my next house I will also install bathrooms that have latching doors much like those of dishwashers. I can dispense disinfecting soap, turn it on and the whole bathroom will be washed while I sleep!
I also refused to be a short order cook for dinner. To take it one step further, I told my children that anyone who complained was required to eat all the offending food before they leave the table. Insulting the cook is not part of table etiquette! They don't have to eat it, but don't offend the cook!
I love your posts!

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