Aug 24, 2010

inside edition

If you were a fly on the wall at our house, you might see:
  • Lots and lots of purple tulle. I'm making tutus for Christmas gifts.
  • Green flowing curtains in my new-and-improved bedroom.
  • A giant pile of board books on Lexi's bedroom floor. The Littles and I exercised our literary muscles this morning.
  • Crumbly remnants of "mush muffins" (English muffins), which were Gavin's afternoon snack.
  • The juice of a fat tomato on the office carpet. Gavin opened the fridge, Lexi extracted and dumped the tomatoes, and Gavin juiced one with his knee (on purpose). I was in the shower.
  • The beginnings of a new ironing pile. It's laundry day.
  • A lump of football gear on the floor, just waiting to be used at practice tonight.
  • Zach's school planner, the daily squares filled with his scrawl. His handwriting is messy, but I think he likes being organized. At his request, a copy of his home-responsibility calender is in the front pocket of his school binder.
  • My telephone headset, which was well-used this afternoon.
  • Three days' worth of mail on the counter.
  • An excellent view of the next-door neighbor's front yard For Sale sign (new today).
  • Crayons and "letter B" paraphernalia.
  • A rapidly-dwindling stack of Gavin-sized diapers, which begs the question: Is it time to potty-train?

If you were a fly on the wall of my brain, you might see:
  • A picture of my brother, Ryan, who is currently on the last leg of his journey home from his two-year mission in Croatia. I am devastated to miss his airport homecoming party tonight, but I do get to fly to Arizona and spend the weekend with him.
  • An utter lack of a dinner plan.
  • Musings on how to quash Gavin's fear of random animals; nurture Tyler's troubled soul; and diffuse Zach's explosive attitude.
  • Budding excitement for a scripture study group starting soon -- the chance to get away from real life for an hour a week and learn something, too.
  • Percolating plans to paint Lexi's bedroom and mine before we get new carpet in two weeks.
That's what's up at our house. What's up at yours?
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