Jul 26, 2010

Zach and Ty's excellent adventure

Zach and Tyler are reluctant to return to Colorado, and I can understand why. They have enjoyed a most excellent summer!

Two days after we drove to Mesa, we met Garry's mom in Kingman, Arizona and sent Zach and Tyler home with her. They spent a week in Logandale, Nevada at Grandma's house and then a week in Provo, Utah in Grandpa's condo. Every day was an adventure! I think they really enjoyed a life without the constraints of siblings who nap and require so much extra work and supervision.

In Logandale, a rural town in southern Nevada, the boys love to play in Grandma's big backyard. The trampoline is always a novelty, as is air hockey in the back room. One night they drove to Mesquite for dinner and Toy Story 3.

During this visit, Zach and Tyler joined a huge throng of 15 second cousins -- the children of Garry's cousins who live in (or were visiting) Logandale. The boys were in heaven with so many children to play with. They were especially fond of Aunt Sandy's pool. They also visited a water park and the reservoir with all of the cousins. Tyler reported catching frogs. Pretty fun for some city kids!

Garry traveled to Utah to meet the boys, Grandma and Grandpa Bartle, and Great Grandma Terry during the last week of June. They all spent a week together. They did things like visiting BYU (the Creamery, Grandpa's office in the ASB, the CougarEat, and the Bean Museum), going to movies (Karate Kid and How to Train Your Dragon), enjoying a hot air balloon festival, and playing lots and lots of games in the condo.

Playing pool in the condo's basement rec room was once again a favorite activity. I love the way Zach sticks his tongue out while he plays. This is a concentration thing -- he also sticks his tongue out when he hits a baseball or throws a football. So fun!

I was thrilled to hear that Zach and Tyler talked Garry into hiking Y Mountain! The boys and I completed that hike last summer and the summer before, and I'd love for it to be a tradition every time we visit Provo!

One of the reasons behind Garry's trip to Utah was a reunion for members of his childhood ward in Provo. His dad was bishop of that ward in the '80s, and Garry has many fond memories of the people in that time of his life. It was fun for him to reconnect with them.

Garry's cousin, Angela, was visiting Provo at the same time and graciously agreed to bring Zach and Tyler back to Mesa. They were already transporting four children and a dog...I can hardly imagine wanting to add two kids and a ridiculous amount of luggage to their load, but they did! Garry took this picture just as the kids were pulling out in Provo. They arrived in Mesa at 1:00 a.m.

The boys' summer adventure has continued in Mesa. They aren't anxious for it to end! This has been one rockin' summer for those kids! Many thanks to our dear family who has sponsored so many terrific memories.


The Wizzle said...

That is, indeed, an excellent adventure! We definitely need to get our boys together one more time this week.

Grandma said...

We had a good time as well. Thanks for sharing them with us for some time.

pass it on!

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