Jul 14, 2010

Phone conversation

Last weekend we celebrated my sister's birthday at her house. While playing with his cousin's toys, Gavin fell in love with Angie's old cell phone. He started jabbering away on the phone, calling who-knows-who and talking their ears off. Angie let him take it when we went home.

Since then, Gavin has been obsessed with making phone calls. He carried on quite a lengthy conversation with Garry the other day, but mostly he just talks to himself. Sometimes the phone calls are with/for Russell the bear. The calls often involve one or more grandparents whether they are present or not. And today, while we were sitting in the car, waiting for Stein Mart to open, Gavin didn't even have a phone. He just called me up.

Gavin: Mom, I'm calling you.

Heidi: OK....hello?

Gavin: How are you today?

Heidi: Fine. How are you?

Gavin: Good.

Heidi: What are you doing?

Gavin: Going to da door.

Heidi: Going to the door?

Gavin: No, da door.

Heidi: Da door?

Gavin: No, the store!

Heidi: Oh! The store! What will you buy at the store?

Gavin: New Lunchables. And cheese.

Heidi: Ah...excellent choice.

Gavin: OK, well, have fun, Grandma.

Heidi: Um, OK.

Gavin: Love you. Bye!

Gavin was disappointed to discover that Stein Mart is a clothing store. I bought a new purse but he had his little heart set on cheese. I promised him a trip to Costco tomorrow...
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