Jun 22, 2010

The rest of the story

What do you see in these pictures?

Four happy kids and their grandmothers, right?
Fun memories made at a restaurant in Kingman, Arizona
on the day that Zach and Tyler went to stay
with Grandma Bartle for two weeks.
Happy memories, indeed.

But this picture tells the REAL story.
Four kids who have spent more than 20 hours strapped in the van in two days
being unleashed on the unsuspecting patrons and staff at Denny's.
Two kids climbing in and out of high chairs.
Four kids coloring with and breaking/eating crayons.
A frazzled mother (and her mother) trying to keep her cool,
running around the table and trying to meet everyone's needs
during an unexpected delay.
Lots and lots of messes (this picture doesn't do justice to the messes we made).

But still, lots of happy memories....
even though my family of six now resides in three different states.
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