Jul 25, 2010


We have really been missing our Daddy lately, but thanks to modern technology, Garry is only a phone call or a computer screen away. Today we used Skype for an online video chat before church. The kids and I were so excited to see the face that goes with Daddy's voice. Lexi waved and kicked her legs while the boys crowded around the computer.

Here the boys are making their best fishy faces for the camera. They were telling Garry about swimming lessons and he referred to them as fish. The silly factor increased exponentially from there, which escalated to fighting, which prompted a sudden end to the call. Garry definitely saw a slice of real life today!

Happily, we will be together (in person) again this weekend. Garry is flying down to take us home. Despite my post from a couple of weeks ago that detailed our plans to live with my parents, we have decided to live as a Bartle family unit in Colorado until the house sells. We have no idea what the future holds. My current feeling is that it will take a long time to move forward, but that's OK. We will be together, and that's what counts.
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