Jul 26, 2010

Permission to jump

My fun friend, Christa, gave us free passes to Bounce U, an indoor inflatable park. At the last minute, we made reservations for this morning. I'm pretty sure the kids thought they had died and gone to heaven. We spent two hours running and jumping and climbing and sliding. We all left sweaty and exhausted. I would say it was money well-spent...but since I didn't spend a dime, the morning was even better!

Boxing matches with the boys don't always end well....but today Zach and Tyler were all smiles.

Zach was the first kid in the group to ascend the spider web tower. Tyler wasn't far behind. The boys spent a lot of time climbing up and down this structure.

Gavin had the time of his life. He kept up with the big boys -- no problem.

Lexi was pretty little for this place, but had fun toddling around. She also loved playing with the balls and balloons on the ground, and made friends with a very sweet mentally-challenged boy who just adored her.

After the first hour, we switched rooms, and the boys spent nearly all of the second hour on this slide. I bet they climbed up and slid down a hundred times. With ten minutes to go, Lexi and I went down the slide, too. She was ecstatic, so we did it again...and again and again. It was so fun to slide down with all of my kids at once! We crashed in a heap at the bottom and laughed and laughed.

And good naps were had by all. :)


Christa Johnson said...

Oh it makes my heart happy to read this!!! I am sooooo glad you had fun! If they want to go again, I have more coupons for ya!!!
I think you guys had an amazing summer and lots of memories were made!
Call sometime if ya just want to chat or vent or anything!
Love ya,

that's what she said...

that looks so incredibly fun! and you can tell they're having a blast! :)

girlygirl said...

Wow--that looks so fun! It sounds like you guys had a blast!

The Wizzle said...

Bounce houses for the win! Glad it was a winner for everyone.

LittleG said...

Love it! Especially the last picture. They all look like they were having blast.

Maynards said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time! Fun pictures. Are you guys going back to Colorado?

granny said...

Fun times! Love the pictures.

Grandma said...

Looks like a blast. They look so happy.

pass it on!

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