Jul 4, 2010


The Littles and I have done some fun things with their Mesa cousins during the last two weeks.

First up was a delightful lunch at David and Rachel's house. I enjoyed touring their new home (what fun paint!) and the kids played together pretty well. Devlin, the oldest cousin, was sad that Zach and Tyler were absent, but Eve and Iris were content with Gavin and Lexi as playmates. We feasted on Rachel's homemade bread, fresh fruit, and delicious cookies. David (my brother) was in the midst of fixing my dead computer. A couple of days later, Rachel baked another loaf of amazing bread just for me when I couldn't attend Sunday dinner because of Gavin's mystery illness.

On another day, my mom and I met my sister Angie and her girls to swim in a friend's neighborhood pool. What fun we had! We sat in the 18-inches-deep baby pool, which was covered with a shade from the sun, for a long time. Gavin and Chloe had a blast together. Lexi and Olivia splashed and played on the steps. Lexi was thrilled to be in the water. It was her first real swim. We rounded out the morning with take-out from Applebees back at Granny's house.

On Friday all of the cousins met at Granny's house (my hotel) for lunch and fun. I laughed at Lexi (13 months) and Livy (15 months), sitting in high chairs next to each other. They kept trading food. I think Livy ended up with Lexi's crackers and Lexi got Livy's popsicle!

Granny has a playroom where all the kids congregated. They need lots of supervision in order to play well together, but there sure are some fabulous toys!

When we broke out the popsicles after lunch, we couldn't resist taking a picture of the cute cousins in a row. Here we have Iris (21 months), Devlin (6), Gavin (2 1/2), Eve (4), and Chloe (4). It's a fun group! I love the photo of Iris and Gavin.

We are looking forward to the times when all nine cousins can be together at once, and also the times when we can do cousin play dates and get-togethers. I really love being in town with these people that I love -- hopefully for good!


The Wizzle said...

Well, I'm sure glad *someone* had the presence of mind to take pictures! Sheesh. I don't know where my brain is.

We have loved having you so far! Iris looks like she's ready to take Gavin out if he takes one more step toward her popsicle, doesn't she?

angieinpink said...

cute!!!! haha. the sharing of the food was funny! i love our little blondies.

it's so fun having you here!

pass it on!

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