Jul 6, 2010

Happy 5th of July!

This year Independence Day coincided with the Sabbath. Since Monday was a vacation day for the working folk, we celebrated our freedom in this fantastic country a day late!

After Lexi's morning nap, the whole family gathered at David and Rachel's house to swim. Sadly, David and his family were in Utah, so we missed their company, but we sure enjoyed their pool! The cool water was lovely. We baked in the sun, despite prodigious use of sunscreen (SPF 50 for my kids). The boys had a ball with Eric (aka" the family spark plug") and Jentry and Holly, who had energy and open arms for the kids.

Tyler was either above the water (jumping in) or under the water (hunting diving sticks). He really wore himself out! Lexi cried most of the morning, so I got out with her to take these pictures. She has been a little out of sorts lately.

Granny grabbed pizza for everyone on the way home. I put my babies down for naps, and then the boys and I enjoyed several hands of Uno with Holly, Angie, Eric, and Jentry. Eventually I joined Gavin for a long nap.

Quite suddenly (for me!), it was time for dinner! My parents hosted a barbecue and debuted Dad's new grill. That's a manly grill - the perfect appliance for mass barbecuing!

Dad grilled for 19 that night. In addition to local family members, the Shaha family came. It's so fun for me to be with the Shahas again (since they moved from Colorado Springs in May), and I'm thrilled that our families are growing closer. We have a great time together!

Dinner itself was delicious, the company was fantastic, and we had lots of laughs.
We were also entertained by Chloe's talents; she recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang a song about the US Presidents and earned our wild applause. I love this photo of my cute sisters (and niece), and, as you can see, Lexi enjoyed every bite of her dinner.

After dinner (and dessert, of course), we ALL went to the Shahas' neighborhood pool for a lovely evening swim. What fun!
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