Jul 4, 2010

So happy together

On Saturday morning at 1:00 a.m., Zachary and Tyler returned from their 10-day trip to Nevada and Utah, delivered to us by Garry's cousins who live in Gilbert. They stumbled out of the car and straight into their beds while the adults unloaded luggage and other belongings that Garry sent for me from Colorado.

The next morning, Gavin and Lexi greeted their long-lost siblings with much enthusiasm. They continue to be thrilled that Zach and Ty are around again. Gavin, especially, has enjoyed the return of his playmates. Lexi keeps chanting, "Za! Za! Za!" She really missed her brothers!

I attempted to take a sibling photo to commemorate the occasion. All four had slept in their clothes from the day before, with Lexi looking the most disheveled after breakfast. This photo shows mostly smiles....

....while this one shows the real life that has resumed since then.

Zach and Tyler, who swam every day they were in Nevada and returned with bronzed skin, were eager for a dip in the pool. So even though David and Rachel are out of town, we enjoyed their lovely pool yesterday afternoon. Lexi stayed home with Granny to nap, and my sister Holly joined us. The cool water felt glorious on a hot day, although at 104 degrees, the heat was so much more bearable than the 114-degree weather we have endured for the last week! Ah, perspective...

Last night as I put the kids to bed, it was comforting to have all four under the same roof. And I was grateful that even in the absence of Daddy, the routine went smoothly and everyone was happy. It feels good to be together again.
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