Jul 20, 2010

Three little fishies

I enrolled the boys -- all three! -- in swimming lessons that started last week. They have been awesome, and since Garry was in town yesterday, I asked him to document our watery adventures.

Lessons are at 11:10 a.m. The temperature is always at least 100 degrees when we arrive at the outdoor pool (which is part of the campus where I attended junior high school). We leave our towels on the bleachers and wear our flip flops to the side of the pool. Zach waits in this shady spot for his class and just takes a few quick steps across the blistering pool deck to the water.

On the first day of lessons, I encouraged Zach and Tyler to really learn the swimming strokes. I knew they could both navigate the water pretty safely, but I wanted to make sure they could
swim. Tyler, especially, is proficient in the doggie-paddle but not much else. I told them they could participate in swim team next year if they really learned to swim. I have been thrilled with their progress!

Gavin and I are taking a "swim toddlers" class. (Many thanks to my mom, who watches Lexi every day so we can participate!) Gavin loves playing in the water every day and is developing good skills for his age. He is completely fearless in the water. He loves jumping into deep water, diving for rings, and submerging himself (he calls it "going under the sea").

Yesterday we were the only ones to show up for class, so Gavin got a private lesson. Working at his level (rather than that of the babies that make up the rest of our class) was pretty fun! We spent time in the 12-feet-deep section of the pool, where Gavin jumped in several times, swam through a hula hoop, and in general made me nervous. In the shallow water we practiced his kicks and arm movements, his "camomball" jumps, and diving for rings.

When lessons end, there is a token drying-off exercise and then we trudge off to the hot van. Gavin always says, "everyfing is hot in here" as I buckle his car seat straps. We are grateful for the coolness of our swimsuits, which offsets the blazing heat during our drive home.

Swimming lessons have been a great way to beat the heat -- and the exercise is very beneficial for our sleep, too!


The Wizzle said...

Yes, Gavin, everyfing IS hot in here! There is no getting used to a car that has been parked outside in the summer, absolutely none. It's torture.

Your boys are so cute!

that's what she said...

ethan is just like gavin in the pool. he really doesn't have much fear at all and i'm constantly scrambling to keep up with where he's jumping in at the moment. looks like fun though!

JulSH said...

Can't imagine hot...what is that? Not that I'm complaining...

I thought about putting on long pants and a long sleeve shirt to go to swimming today.

Enjoy the vitamin D!!

Christa Johnson said...

Your boys are beautiful!!! And you have an amazing camera as well, because your pictures are always sooo clear!!
Glad we get to pass each other each's almost like being able to hang out! He he
I did schedule us a playdate tomorrow (wed) from 2-4. I will track you down at lessons and see if you are up for it.

Grandma said...

Good job boys! You're great swimmers. I love Tyler's hole in his mouth:) Gavin you're quite the boy.

pass it on!

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