Jul 15, 2010


Tyler FINALLY lost his first front tooth.

It has been hanging precariously
(and grossing out his Aunt Holly)
for weeks.

We tried


to no avail.

It was a little traumatic.

Tonight I suggested that Tyler use an ice cube
to numb the gum around the tooth
and pull it out.

It worked.
(I love being the hero.)

We hope the Tooth Fairy can find Ty's pillow in Arizona.
Tyler hopes "his wings don't break in the middle of the heat."

That would be tragic indeed.


LittleG said...

Love his comment! Thanks for sharing. Any more loose teeth in that mouth?

The Wizzle said...

That IS a nice big hole! And the Tooth Fairy is a wily one. He/she usually finds the mark, heat or no heat.

Christa Johnson said...

soooo adorable!! Could his eyes be any more gorgeous!!!! what an adorable boy!!!!!
See you next week at swim lessons, I hope your migraine is getting better!

granny said...

Tooth fairy breaking HIS wings? Hm...I always thought she was a girl. Haha.

Grandma said...

Cute Tyler! I hope the tooth fairy finds you too!

Adri said...

Why do boys always think the tooth fairy is a boy? I always thought it was a girl? Dallin thinks boy, too, though, so I guess we'll never know!

P.S. But some miraculous surprise, Gavin's camo hat turned up in our basement! Tell Garry I'll drop it by soon. Sorry we've been inadvertently hiding it all summer!

Melanie said...

Nothing quite as tragic as the tooth that won't come out!

Bob's little sister was at a traffic light in LA years ago. There was a freaky guy standing on the corner. With the window down, she said, "Look! There's the tooth fairy!" Ha!

angieinpink said...

is the tooth fairy a boy???? whoa. big bird is too! who knew????? {not me!}

cute, cute tyler. i love that kid.

pass it on!

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