May 2, 2010

Take a good look!

While shaving yesterday, Garry goofed with the razor and left a bald spot on his chin. Ironically, to cover up the error, he had to shave completely....for the first time in almost 8.5 years. Garry started growing a goatee the day he graduated from BYU in December 2001, when Zach was a baby. Facial hair was prohibited at BYU, so I figured the goatee was just a temporary exercise in follicular freedom. Instead, the goatee stuck. Our kids don't know Garry without facial hair. Lexi keeps staring at and touching Daddy's chin. Gavin is distressed that the goatee washed down the drain, and wants to know when it will come back.

love the new look, but Garry is determined that the "naked face" isn't here to stay. Oh, well. It was fun (for me) for a day!
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