May 30, 2010

A big girl and a ball

Lexi is a full-time walker now. I can hardly believe it! When we were at the park yesterday she was navigating the little play structure all by herself: up the stairs, across the platform, down the slide...over and over and over again. She was completely delighted.

In addition to becoming a bi-ped, Lexi is fascinated with balls. "Ball" is her newest word, and she loves to toddle around with one. She also loves to throw a ball -- and she has quite an arm! I have tried teaching her to roll the ball to me, but she would much rather throw. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. When I was expecting Gavin (and we knew he was a boy), a friend in our Oregon ward said, "I bet you have dreams of holding a sweet, dainty, calm little girl in your arms. Honey, that's not in your gene pool." Ha! Lexi is definitely going to hold her own with all these brothers in the house.

The footage below captures a little ball game we enjoyed on Friday afternoon. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do!

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