May 21, 2010


Garry took Zach and Tyler to see the Sky Sox baseball team play on Monday night. Tickets were cheap through the boys' school, so we jumped on the opportunity to enjoy something unique to Colorado Springs. It was a fun father/son outing, too.

A few families from the boys' school (and our old ward) sat together during the game. Here are Zach and Ty with the Fitches, Drollingers, and Cushings. Tyler's best buddy, Carter, was a fun friend to have at the game.

The boys are getting old enough now that they will actually pay attention to a baseball game -- even from the nosebleed section. Zach and Ty wore the Sky Sox t-shirts Garry bought them at their first game two summers ago.

Although the weather was perfectly lovely most of the day (the little kids and I picked up Zach from school on foot in order to enjoy the afternoon sunshine), a thunderstorm rolled in that evening. Most of the crowd cleared when the rain began to fall, but Garry and the boys waited out the "rain delay" to see if they could watch the rest of the game.

A hail storm happened during the delay. Eventually officials suspended the ball game, and the Sky Sox played their final inning the following evening.

Zach and Tyler came home happy at 10:00 p.m. They enjoyed meeting the Sky Sox Fox and getting ice cream on the way home. What a fun outing!

Thanks, Dad!

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