May 9, 2010

If you give a Mom a muffin...

Tyler's kindergarten class had a Mother's Day program on Friday. I was privileged enough to attend alone so I could really enjoy my time with Tyler. I arrived a little early, so I found Tyler in his computer class and got to play some math games with him before the program.

Once we got to his classroom, Tyler showed me to his table and shared his gifts with me. Here he is with the tissue paper flowers he made for me, the bean he planted, and the card he drew. The picture on the right shows me standing next to my birthday cake. Tyler explained that the four candles represented my 31 years: three in the tens column and one in the ones column. His teacher was blown away with this logic, but that's how we did my candles at home this year!

Tyler's class sang a couple of Mother's Day songs. They were pretty silly, and another child kept crowding Tyler while I was videotaping, so I won't post the footage here. Then Ty served me a muffin and juice and he talked to me about his day and his class. I perused the school work in his chair pocket and found a writing journal that is just priceless! Here are my favorite selections. Click to enlarge the picture for easier reading, or read the captions below.

"Life As An Ant. If I was A ant Everything would be relly relly GiGantek!!!! A light bulb would be like the Sun." (Excellent simile, don't you think?)

"Spring. In spring flowers bloom. Trees grow their leaves. My mom grows flowers in the spring." (I love that Tyler knows this about his mama!)

"In the Spring I like that the sun set's later because I get to play longer. I don't like that I have to put on loshan every day in spring and sumer." (Great illustration of the lotion ritual! Ha!)

"My perfect house would be next door to my granny and grandma, because I could visit them any time." (Tender!)

I loved this little window into Tyler's mind and life! What a great day to share a muffin with my boy!
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