May 13, 2010

On the naughty list

Gavin at 8 months

Last night I was trying to conjure up memories of a simpler time, a calmer time. I found this delicious picture of Gavin, comfortably cradled in a clean car seat, playing quietly with a toy. I took this picture on a day when we were traveling from Colorado to Nevada. He was such a gem on that trip, and such a sweet, happy baby at that time of life.

Almost two years later, I am completely at the end of my rope with this boy. Granted, daily life with a house on the market is stressful, and the other three kids make their own colorful contributions. But Gavin -- oh, Gavin! -- is wearing me out.

Shall I list some of this week's antics for posterity? Perhaps his posterity (should he survive long enough to have a posterity) will enjoy knowing a few of the naughty things their daddy did...
  • Shoved smooshed bananas into a subwoofer
  • Smeared a stick of butter all over the kitchen, floor, armoire, dry-clean-only curtains, back porch, and himself
  • Learned to unbuckle his booster seat (the one at the table)
  • Learned to unbuckle the seat belt holding his car seat in place (in the van)
  • Learned to unbuckle the seat belt of the child sitting next to him in the van
  • Learned to open the baby gates
  • Sprayed three downstairs windows and the washer with Spray-n-Wash
  • Transferred a clean, dry load of clothes back to the washer and started it
  • Pooped in a puzzle box
  • Peed on the kitchen floor
  • Put two spoons in two different milk jugs
  • Screamed that he hated me
  • Started calling his brothers naughty names
  • Climbed on top of the fridge
  • Took 47 pictures with my camera
  • Locked himself in the van, and later in the car, and later in the house
  • Escaped through the backyard into the green way behind our house
  • Used my toothbrush to clean the shower
  • Smeared red lip balm on my clean sheets
  • Pulled half a roll of tape out of the dispenser and stuck it all over his sister
  • Fed enough doggie treats to my friend's dog to give the poor thing diarrhea
This is by no means an exhaustive list (even for this week), but after typing for five minutes I'm exhausted.

I have been trying to offer Gavin lots of one-on-one time. He doesn't want to read a book, or play a game, or work a puzzle, or watch a show. He doesn't want to wear clothing. He just wants to run around naked, and get into things, and treat people badly. It's all I can do to contain and protect and clean up....not to mention all of the other things I need to do in a day.

Thankfully, Gavin will nap. For two blessed hours each day, I have a sanity break (at least from him). Zach napped until he was almost six. Dare I hope that this child might follow his brother's pattern? I think we're both going to need it.

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