May 22, 2010

Better luck next time!

This morning we embarked on a journey to the top of Pikes Peak! I have wanted to visit "America's Mountain" since arriving in Colorado Springs. My fitness level has not been up to par to make the hike during the last two years, but I couldn't completely let go of the dream. Today we set out in the van.

We were all excited for our grand adventure. However, when we arrived at the ranger station at the foot of the mountain, we learned that high winds would not allow us to summit the mountain today. We could drive 13 miles up, but not the last six. I was devastated. The rest of the family was only slightly disappointed. We substituted an outing to Garden of the Gods and hope to make the Pikes Peak trip work on another Saturday.

The scenery at Garden of the Gods is just breathtaking. I am always struck by the majesty of the red rocks against the intense blue sky. The spring greenery makes the setting even more beautiful.

Lexi was thrilled to be outdoors. The wind was ridiculous, but she loved it! This girl is walking so much today. I think she has decided she prefers this method of locomotion...even in the dirt.

Tyler kept saying, "Dad! Take a picture of me!" He had some pretty silly poses.

Gavin really made me nervous. He wanted to run at break-neck speed, of course, and to follow his big brothers wherever they went -- of course! His antics gave me heart palpitations. But he had the time of his life.

Today was the warmest day of the year -- about 75 when we were out. Compared to the mid-40's and 50's (and snow!) we've "enjoyed" throughout April and May, today was a real scorcher. We were also dressed for the freezing temperatures at the top of Pikes Peak, so we were all warm. (I realize we are going to melt when we get to Arizona.) Zachary, however, secretly had a contingency plan: he wore shorts underneath his jeans! How resourceful.

Our trip wouldn't have been complete without a photo op at Balance Rock.

We also took a lovely stroll around the central garden. I really got the itch to do some hiking with the kids on another day. If any of my local friends are interested, I think we should plan an outing soon!

When Garry posted these pictures on Facebook, I suggested several snarky comments about my photo: "How many chins do you have?" or "There's 40 pounds I'm not sealed to!" or "She's twice the woman I married!" But since he's Prince Charming, he wrote, "My beautiful bride." Garry gets lots of good husband points today. I wasn't very happy about our change in plans, but he made the morning fun.

Happy Saturday.


The Wizzle said...

I loved the picture of you! I definitely only see one chin, thank you, even with my glasses on.

Grandma said...

Sounds like a very fun day. Thank the weather for cooperating. We had a nice day to start with and then the wind AGAIN! We've had so much wind. The kids look like they had a ball. I love Garden of the Gods. It is so beautiful and colorful. It's a great place for pictures.

Rosemary T said...

I think I need to come to Colorado and visit Garden of the Gods. Looks beautiful. I don't think we have had any 75 degree days here. Oh summer where are you?

Carroll Conversations said...

Oh how I love to see your smiling face. What a fun day, even if it didn't go as planned. I love all the pics of all the kids.

Vicki said...

Wow, what amazing scenery! I still haven't been to Colorado and I really want to!

hdb80 said...

I can't believe how grown up the kids look. Zach changes more and more all the time. He's a little man now.

Maynards said...

I think the picture of you is great. Don't be so hard on yourself girl!
Glad you had fun at Garden of the Gods, it really is an awesome place.
And anytime you need hiking buddies, we are always up for it.

Colleen said...

Way to turn a disappointment into a fun day! The kids look great, and you do too, Heidi! We're up for hiking anytime, once school is out we're going to need fun outings to keep us busy instead of bickering!

pass it on!

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