May 20, 2010

Cell phone stories

I carry my cell phone in my pocket. This is mostly because I text a lot. (I love texting. Love.) Sometimes I get calls, too. But lately I've also been using my phone to take photos. As phone cameras go, it does a fairly respectable job if the lighting is good and the subjects hold still. Since the subjects are often my children....well, you'll see.

Tonight I downloaded photos from my phone. It's a fun collection, so I thought I'd share. This photo essay will say a lot about our life lately, which is good, because I haven't taken the time to blog much. The photos are in no particular order, but I'll add commentary. [Click
photos to enlarge.]

Zach had a cub scout pack meeting this week. The theme was "In the Spotlight," and I was impressed that our crowd-shy boy actually got on stage! His line in this silly skit was, "Director, the camera is out of film!"

Lexi adores this Tonka truck. She pushes it all over the basement, usually on her feet instead of her knees. Usually a squeal accompanies the locomotion.

This is Bob. In this photo he was using pruning shears to remove a large piece of plastic that was stuck underneath my van. I should have taken a photo of him mowing my lawn today. I really like Bob.

This is Melanie. Melanie is Bob's wife (and my lovely friend). Sometimes on Tuesdays we meet Melanie and her kids at Baskin Robbins for cheap ice cream. Melanie graciously shared with Lexi last week. This week I met Melanie sans kids and planned a bridal shower and didn't get ice cream at all.

Colorado weather is schizophrenic, but we spend lots of time outside when the sky is behaving. On the left, Zach is preparing to jump (at Fairfax park during today's house showing). At right, Gavin is wearing my favorite of his shirts which may now be hopelessly stained with a raspberry smoothie from Keva. How tragic.

As often as possible, we find excuses to stop at Melanie's house after school. She is moving next week and we are all in denial. Anyway, Melanie always shares her delicious cookies, and she has started making a few without chocolate chips just for Lexi. Lexi has quickly become an ardent fan, but on this day she was just too tired to finish the cookie.

I snapped this photo as I was leaving one evening. Aren't the tulips lovely? Oh yeah, and the kids, too. If you enlarge the photo you can see that Gavin's nose is pressed against the screen.

Proof that the youngest one is full of mischief, too.

One day this week we made the mile-plus trek to Zach's school on foot/wheels to pick him up at the end of the day. Gavin, who dressed himself (pocket tee on backwards), resented the back seat of the stroller and held himself up on his hands the whole time. Tyler attempted acrobatics.

I love this picture! Blue sky, white puffy clouds, green grass, miles of pavement to walk...

Tyler lost a tooth on Saturday! His first tooth! This probably deserves its own blog post.

This is the reason Lexi got a birthday cookie from Albertsons instead of a homemade butterfly cake. I will always remember that this is the year I nearly lost my mind.

I attended the boys' field day last Friday. It was during naptime, so I felt pretty good about the "cool Mom" points I was earning by supporting their fun activity. And then I realized that the camera battery was dead. Cell phone to the rescue! Gavin and Lexi enjoyed watching from the sidelines, even though we were freezing in coats and gloves. I decided to take the kids home for naps. Ten minutes after they were in bed, our bishop and his friend showed up on my doorstep. They wanted to see the house!

Lexi loves her stuffed doggie, Betsy, and her crib blanket. She's definitely a cuddlebug. Now if we could just get her to sleep through the night....
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