May 16, 2010

Birthday post #1: Lexi's first year

We can hardly believe that little Alexis Paige is a year old today! While it has likely been one of the longest and most challenging years of our family life, it has also flown by. Wasn't she just a tiny pink bundle, barely bigger than her stuffed bunny?

Lexi at one week.

Somehow, she grew up!

One month.

Two months.
(Maybe my favorite picture ever.)

Three months.

Four months.

Five months.

Six months.

Seven months.

Eight months.

Nine months.
(Um, maybe this is my favorite picture ever.)

Ten months.
(Poor, sick little baby.)

Eleven months.

Twelve months.

It's fun to watch the monthly chronology and see Lexi grow and change so quickly.
The history of her hair is already fascinating.
I also realize how much I like her in green! Ha!
At age one, Lexi can be categorized thus:
  • owner of 7 teeth
  • weighing 18 pounds
  • hater of hair accessories
  • cuddle bug
  • nicknamed (Sis)
  • carnivore
  • light sleeper
  • night waker
  • tentative walker
  • speed crawler
  • climber
  • impatient with footwear
  • verbal (hi, go, mama, dada, thank you, Betsy, hey sis, uh-oh)
  • milk drinker (cow's and mom's)
  • music lover
  • messy
  • dramatic
  • adorable

Happy birthday, Sis. We love ya.
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