May 16, 2010

Birthday post #2: Celebrating Lexi

On this day last year, I held a newborn in my arms.

All week I have been remembering the days leading up to Lexi's birth. The weather and my tulips and the kids' end-of-year activities at school have all triggered memories of those final days of pregnancy. And then, on Saturday, I woke up to fog and light rain and was instantly transported to the day Lexi was born. Has it really been a year?

According to the calendar, Lexi's birthday has arrived! I can hardly believe it, but I suppose our little girl has grown up quite a bit! So we celebrated this momentous occasion. Opening her presents was a family affair on the living room floor.

The purple car seat was a big hit -- a throne for the princess.

So was the dolly.

I had grand plans for a butterfly birthday cake. They bombed.
Garry bought a big cookie instead.
Lexi tried to blow out the candle: "Fffff...." What a cutie.

Then Lexi decided to try the frosting. She liked it.

So she had some more.

We all looked on, completely entertained.
We sang "Happy Birthday" a dozen times. Lexi squealed. We laughed.
And then the party was over.

Happy birthday, little one!
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