Sep 17, 2008

Tyler's epiphany

On the way home from preschool today, Tyler and I had a funny conversation.

Tyler: We played I-Spy today, but I didn't get a turn like everyone else.
Heidi: Hmm...that's a bummer. Did you cry?
Tyler: NO.
Heidi: Did you throw a fit?
Tyler: NO.
Heidi: Did you yell?
Tyler: NO.
Heidi: Did you have a tantrum?
Tyler: NO!
Heidi: Well, that's good! I just wondered because that's how you'd act at home if you didn't get your way. Why didn't you have a tantrum for Mrs. Lincoln?
Tyler: I didn't want to bother the other classes.
Heidi. Oh! That's great!
{dramatic pause...}
Heidi: Did you know that your tantrums bother people at home?
Tyler: (apparently surprised) They do? I didn't know that!
Heidi: It's true. So tell me how you acted when you didn't get a turn.
Tyler: I just sat there and did what I usually do when we do a game where I get a turn.
Heidi: So you were happy?
Tyler: I wasn't excited about it, like I'm excited about going to Disneyland. I was just regular.
Heidi: Good for you.
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