Sep 4, 2008

Let the games begin

Our family will be living and breathing soccer every evening for the next six weeks. Tyler's first game was last night and Zach's was tonight. They both had a fabulous time playing. It was fun to watch them get in the middle of the action. Zach and Ty each scored a goal, so all is well in their little worlds!

Here's a sampling of photos from the first games. We took a lot of pictures this time but don't plan to bore you with a play-by-play of every game!

It's especially fun to have Garry coaching Tyler's team.

Tyler did a great job making contact with the ball. (This is the primary objective for four-year-old players. The second objective is kicking in the right direction...)

Goooooo Kraze!!!

Gavin isn't a fan of soccer. It was chilly and windy at Tyler's game and Gavin just wasn't happy the whole time. I finally walked him around the field and he fell asleep. Gotta love 6:00 naps.

Gavin and I skipped Zach's first game for the sake of my sanity. Tyler went along, though, and had lots of fun cheering on his big brother.

Six-to-eight-year-old teams definitely play the sport better than four- and five-year-olds.
It looks like Zach's in for a great season. Watching him play should be fun for all of us (as long as Gavin's in a good mood!).

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