Sep 11, 2008

A good day

Yesterday was a good day. It wasn't a perfect day, but I appreciated the good parts about it. Here are the highlights:
  • Seeing how excited Zach was about wearing a new outfit to school
  • Noticing how I didn't come unhinged when I realized I forgot to make a lunch for Zach; I just gave him money and pretty much made his day
  • Running on the treadmill while watching an old BYU devotional by President Monson. I loved his address for many reasons, but he quoted my favorite hymn and used running as a metaphor for life! Good stuff! Read President Monson's "Guideposts for Life's Journey" here or listen to it here.
  • Getting good news from an Oregon friend
  • Attending play group with fun mommies and kids
  • Watching Gavin fall asleep in the swing, but not before sharing it with Luke
  • Enjoying an impromptu Panera lunch with some of the playgroup mommies
  • Developing a plan for cutting out Gavin's lunchtime feeding
  • Making Christmas and birthday wish lists with the boys (their idea!)
  • Taking Zachary and Tyler rollerskating at Skate City for a school fund raiser (I have not laughed so hard in a long time)
  • Hearing about my baby sister's amazing first cross-country meet
  • Talking to my real-estate-guru brother for a long time on the phone
  • Falling asleep before ten o'clock and being able to sleep through the night
Hope y'all had a happy day, too!
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