Sep 14, 2008

Calling all activity ideas!

The news of the day is this: I have a new calling.

It's my third job in our new ward so far (at least I can give up the other two). I accepted the responsibilities of ward activities chairperson. So help me.

Basically this means that I'm in charge of planning every-other-month, large-scale activities for our entire church congregation. I have two functional committee members but I can draw on auxiliary organizations in the church as well. I have a decent budget. I'm not afraid to work. What I need are some fabulous ideas.

So, fair readers, I'm asking for your help. If you have ever been to a great social event (whether it was a Mormon function or not), I would LOVE to hear about it. If you have amazing advice for a Christmas-themed program, that would be especially helpful.

I've been told to expect about 150 people (moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, teenagers, children, single adults) at each activity. In six weeks I have to entertain them at a fall carnival/Halloween shebang that has yet to be planned (which reminds me, I still need to reserve the building).

Any thoughts? Email me!
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