Sep 7, 2008

Two bikes and a baby

Here are some fun for each boy.

First and foremost: Tyler ditched the training wheels a couple weeks ago! Woo-hoo! In the video he's counting laps around our cul-de-sac. I think he did 36 before taking a rest. Tyler is still working on starting and {gracefully} stopping, but the middle part is perfect!

In July, we visited a park that has a BMX racing track. A boy from our ward brought his bike and let Zachary have a go at the course. He was in heaven! Zach has been begging to go back ever since but somehow we haven't made it. My favorite part of this video is hearing Zach's buddy cheer him on.

And last but not least, this video is just of Gavin being cute. The video is about a month old, but it gives a good glimpse of the silly sounds he makes and how active he is. I love his cute little wave at the end.

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