Sep 20, 2008

Falcons v. Utes

Today Garry, Zach, and Tyler attended the Air Force v. Utah football game. They got a great deal on tickets through our ward and had a fabulous time together!

Once at the stadium, Garry realized that the boys knew next to nothing about football, so he briefed them on the object of the game, basic plays, downs, field goals, etc.

Part-way through, Garry treated the boys to Air Force hats and yummy concessions (the first thing Mom heard about when they got home). Then they settled in for a great game. Utah beat Air Force in the final minutes, so the game was pretty exciting. Tyler was an especially enthusiastic fan.

As soon as the boys got home, Zachary grabbed a football. He and Tyler raced up and down the yard as they tried to imitate the college players. Garry tossed the ball, telling the boys to "go long!" Hooray for a yard where that's possible!

It was a great day for boys at our house.
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