Jul 1, 2008

Seven months

This is a couple of days late, but I have to document the last month of Gavin's life! Wow.

Since May 30 (which, incidentally, was the day we moved), Gavin has:
  • Learned to roll over (from back to front)
  • Learned to sit up
  • Learned to crawl
  • Started eating baby food, Cheerios, and the like
  • Cut three teeth
Some other things going on in his life:
  • He thinks he wants to stand, so he arches his back and stiffens his legs when we set him down on the ground, put him in his car seat, or strap him in his seat at the table
  • He is no longer the Baby Who Never Cries
  • He adores swinging
  • His hair is coming in fast, furious, and fuzzy
  • He weighs 25 pounds (at least according to our bathroom scale)
Here is a fun video of Gavin crawling. Enjoy!

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