Jul 6, 2008

Adventures in landscaping

Our Fourth of July weekend may not have had fireworks (they are illegal in Colorado Springs), but we made a lot of noise, exercised our freedom to landscape, and turned red (from the sun), white (when we made our neighbor's fence leeeeaaannn over), and blue (from lack of oxygen/heavy exertion in this crazy high altitude) in the process.

The highlights:

Renting a Bobcat to excavate the impossibly heavy railroad ties that were secured to the ground with three feet of rebar.

Mowing the lawn with Gavin in tow.

Watching the boys dig trenches and play army games in the sand pit.

Demolishing the play house (it's been listed on Craiglist for a month...time's up!).

Using the Bobcat to give four truckloads of dirt to a guy who was building his own garden. Realizing this corner of our yard looks like a tornado hit it.

Bordering this little garden plot with rock removed from the play house perimeter. Transplanting strawberries (we hope they survive!!).

Finishing the front planter and dreaming about what fun flowers can be planted here.

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