Jul 22, 2008

The Logandale Leg

The boys and I are having a great time on our trip. Saturday, the travel day, was oh-so-long, but we survived. I had to take a nap in Grand Junction and we had a long layover in St. George for gas and groceries, so we finally arrived in Logandale at 11:30 p.m. after 17 1/2 hours on the road. Ugh!!

I did enjoy driving in a quiet, peaceful car. I talked to friends on the phone and listened to music (there wasn't a kid's song in the mix!). The scenery in western Colorado and southern Utah was beautiful.
Gavin was a peach. He was happy and slept a lot. The only exception was the 30 minutes before we reached Cedar City, Utah, when he screamed hysterically and would not be consoled. Every road trip has to have some of that.
Zach and Tyler rode in Grandma's car. I devised a reward system to make the journey more pleasant: the boys earned 50 cents for every half hour they behaved (or didn't get counted to 3, in "123 Magic" terms). They earned every cent possible. I know this was a hefty bribe, but it worked! I was especially amazed since we didn't bring the DVD players in the car.

The trip was, of course, interspersed with emergency roadside stops as seen below. I'm so glad I have boys!!Here are a few pictures from the Logandale portion of our journey:

The trampoline, of course.

Riding the lawnmower (Tyler's very first request).

Becky revisiting the scene of my infamous lawnmower-in-a-ditch accident.
Visiting the Conger family..........and their new kittens.
Doing an impromptu grandson photo shoot.And finally -- swimming at the Reese's house.
We all spent hours in the refreshingly cool water. Gavin loved this little floatation device, which allowed him to walk around in the shallow water on the step. He had a blast!Zachary is totally independent in the water. He and Tyler had fun with all the cousins (the children of Garry's cousins, actually).Tyler surprised me with his swimming skills -- he was independent, too! He had such a great time swimming around in the deep end with the big boys and, of course, jumping in whenever he could!
I have enjoyed a couple of naps, some solo exercise, and just hanging out with Becky and the boys. Tomorrow we are off to St. George for the day, and then we'll trek on to Arizona! It's hot, hot, hot, but we're having fun.
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