Jul 16, 2008

From Zachary's Perspective

Granny, Gramps, Holly, and Ryan had a working vacation while they were here this weekend. Gramps was nice enough to say he was "earning his keep," but in reality all four of them worked their guts out in the yard, with the kids, and in our house. What an amazing family! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Before we dove in to projects Monday morning, this was the status:

By 3:00 p.m., this was the new-and-improved status:

Yes, we moved 15.7 TONS of pea gravel that day. Gramps and Garry added the swing arm and rock wall portions of the play structure, as well.

Granny purchased and planted these lovely flowers! I absolutely LOVE having some color in the planter. The flowers make me happy every time I see them.

Yard renovations and play set construction are tiresome and tedious for the adults, but these chores aren't necessarily fun for the kids, either. Zach and Ty are getting a little impatient with all the waiting around they have to do while the grown-ups work. On Monday Zachary got a hold of my camera and snapped some pictures of the action, so I thought it would be fun to post his perspective of the job. I'll add my own captions to describe what's going on...

Holly & Granny trying to figure out how to level the pea gravel.

One of a million zillion wheelbarrows being dumped.

A fabulous self-portrait.

Uncle Ryan hard at work.

Tyler pretending to be a frog.

Monday's hot, hot sun.

Ryan dumping some gravel out of his shoe.

My parents, Ryan, and I relaxing in the glorious shade.

Workhorse Ryan pausing for a photo op. Zach kept asking why Ryan had water dripping off his nose.

I'm a few days behind on posting updates. There's definitely more to come! Garry's parents and grandma arrived Monday night, and my family left Tuesday morning. (As a side note, it's so fun to have a house big enough to sleep so many people!) Garry's family has been hard at work, as well, so we might have a finished product on our hands one of these days.
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