Jul 13, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Our all-consuming play structure project continues to progress, albeit much more slowly than anticipated. Progress can be categorized thus:


The pea gravel man dumped his load in our backyard rather than in our driveway. Hooray for fewer wheelbarrow loads!
Play structure construction has officially begun.

Lumber boxes make excellent play things.


In spite of judicious use of sunscreen, Garry has a ridiculous new tan line.


These are large barrel t-nuts. They are currently the bane of Garry's existence.

The playset instruction manual has many errors and faulty diagrams.
None of the wood components or hardware are labeled according to size or purpose.
Some of the wood is warped and ill-sized.
Garry had to reconfigure the fort portion of the play structure three times on Saturday in order to make everything work.

In spite of these misfortunes, Garry has such a pleasant, calm demeanor and never-give-up work ethic! A hot-head like me would have exploded after ten minutes or made the whole experience miserable. Garry is so determined and he is doing a fabulous job! Hopefully the boys will appreciate his efforts.
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