Jul 30, 2008

Eight months!

Once again, Gavin has hit a monthly milestone in Mesa. Last time we were here, Gavin was so tiny in comparison!

This month brought some new things to Gavin's world:
  • Four fully-formed teeth (boy, was that fun!)
  • Perfected crawling
  • The ability to pull himself up to standing position
  • The ability to cruise around furniture
  • A patented rock/dance to indicate contentment/happiness
  • The clingy phase
  • Interest in all things naughty: cupboards, stairs, cords, and outlets
  • Deteriorating sleeping habits
  • Reduction in nursing (including no night feedings)
  • Introduction to many fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains (favorites are bananas, blueberries, and Saltines)
  • A fourth hair cut
  • Being called The Gerber Baby by virtually everyone he meets
  • Swimming pools
  • His first sunburn
  • Visits to three states (with one to come tomorrow) and Zion National Park
Gavin is such a sweet little soul. We're so glad he is in our family.
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