Jul 28, 2008

Mesa Memories, Part 1

Oh, how we love our Arizona family! We're having such a fun time.

The boys and I have enjoyed a couple of pool excursions. The first, at Stapley Junior High, didn't allow cameras, so we'll just have to remember the boys' first diving board and water slide experiences and how Gavin was NOT impressed with the whole outing.

On Saturday we loved swimming at the pool in Angie's neighborhood.

Cousin time is one of the best perks of visiting Mesa. After church on Sunday Devlin and Eve borrowed Tyler's and Gavin's clothes to relax in. We were all amused that 2-year-old Eve could wear almost-eight-month-old Gavin's clothing.

Gavin wowed us with his ability to pull himself up to things and cruise around the furniture. He also discovered blueberries -- yum!

Holly delighted in showing off the amusing nature of Celebrity Morph with pictures of our family. She had a captive audience half the afternoon!

As per tradition, Garry and I visited Nielsen's Frozen Custard a couple of times. Gotta love that ice cream -- and the excellent company! My cousins Katie and Dylan were in town from Salt Lake City for a couple of days.

Eric provided excellent entertainment in his sleep.

And Ryan, our main attraction, gave a most excellent talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday. He bore a powerful witness of Joseph Smith, the Savior, and his desire to be a missionary. Ryan's address was known as his "mission farewell" because he reports to the Missionary Training Center on Wednesday to begin his mission to Croatia. We are so proud of Ryan! In the picture below, he is on the back row with the yellow tie.

We look forward to our last few days in Mesa. They are sure to be full of fun and adventures!
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