Jun 20, 2008

Sleep talker

I thought a bit of humor would be nice to offset the drama of my last post.

Last night I fell asleep on the couch. Around 11:00 I woke up and had the following incoherent conversation with Garry (he transcribed it after the fact).

Heidi: “The Bare-en-soft is dorsal.”

Garry: “Huh?”

Heidi: “You know, the bear is soft….no the bear….no the…’s asleep (pointing to my arm).”

Garry: “You mean your arm is asleep (laughing…..more laughing)?”

Heidi: “Yes. Stop laughing! You know…the bear……never mind.”

Garry: More laughing.

Heidi: “What is so funny about that?! You know it’s happened several times in the last week. The window is missing and I turn to the bear and the fridge is gone. You know….I turn to the bear and the fridge is gone. What’s weird about that?”

Garry: Laughing hysterically….He tries his best to not wake the big boys, who are sleeping in the next room (and we have no doors).

Heidi: (Getting more and more frustrated...) “What is so funny?! Stop laughing!”

Garry: At this point he had to get up and walk away because he couldn't stop laughing and I was getting more and more angry that he was laughing. I was obviously totally out of it but there was no way he could make me understand that.

Then, suddenly, I got up and went to bed. End of conversation!

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