Jun 13, 2008

Greetings, Mr. Gopher

A gopher has taken up residence in one of our window wells. I'm not super happy about it.

The boys discovered the creature while we were loading boxes into the crawl space. At first we thought he was a little mouse. I assumed he had fallen through the grate covering the well. I was concerned he would starve to death so I began imagining various rescue missions for the poor little soul.

And then I saw the tunnels.

We most certainly do not have a mouse in our window well. We have a destructive, fast-working pocket gopher who seems determined to tunnel to China through the sandy earth surrounding a certain house on Begonia Terrace. He chewed a big hole in the window screen and made three tunnels into/out of the window well. Watching him work was equal parts fascinating and disgusting. It made my skin crawl to think about breeding gophers living outside the walls of my house.

And so, with Holly for company, I ventured to Home Depot for a gopher trap. We came home with The Giant Destroyer -- The Super Gasser. It's basically a smoke bomb for gopher holes. So Garry has a job on Saturday ('cause he's got nothing else on his honey-do list).

I'll keep you posted.
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