Jun 27, 2008

A moment for the middle child

Dearest Tyler.

Our four-year-old has been a little crazy lately.

While we understand that so much upheaval in our recent family history might call for a few outbursts here and there, Tyler's life sometimes seems to be one long, loud outburst.

As a result, Tyler has spent a LOT of time doing what we call "writing consequences." When he is particularly mean and nasty (or when he physically assaults someone -- usually Zachary), Tyler has to copy scriptures and sentences that pertain to his infraction. He copied the same scripture on contention about six times before I changed things up and printed out a few new scriptures to copy. The writing consequence concept is a great one for our family because it allows children and adults time to cool off after a heated moment and provides the perfect segue into a "what could have happened differently" conversation.

On to more pleasant subjects! Tyler had a fabulous experience in his swimming class. He was one of two kids in his class, so he basically got two weeks of private lessons. He is learning the front crawl and back crawl, but of course his favorite part of each class is jumping into the water and diving for rings.

We went to the library on Wednesday afternoon and happened upon a story and craft time in progress. Tyler was especially excited to listen to the animated story-teller. When craft time came, Tyler was also enthusiastic about the projects. He made a butterfly from a coffee filter and watercolors, created an insect from a construction paper "I," and then meticulously colored and cut out a turtle and his lily pad. He definitely could add "attention to detail" to his resume.

This is a frequent sight these days: Tyler sacked out in a weird location at an awkward time of day. Just being Tyler is an exhausting occupation!
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