Mar 13, 2010

Derby day

Today Zach participated in his first Pinewood Derby. What an exciting day for a cub scout!

Because Lexi had a fever and the Derby happened during Gavin's nap time, I stayed home with the little ones. I was sad to miss out on the excitement, but Garry properly documented the event. I'm sure I'll attend many more Pinewood Derbies in my lifetime between a houseful of boys and inevitable church service.

Garry and Zach labored diligently over his car this week (and I failed to get pictures). Together they fashioned a pretty slick skateboard, complete with underside decorations and grip tape. What a fun idea!

With such a sleek design, however, adding weight to Zach's vehicle was a problem. Garry thought of having a baby shoe (affixed with a rubber band) ride the skateboard. The shoe/skateboard combo weighed in perfectly, but was too tall for the digitized and automated racetrack, which had sensors and start gates. So they resorted to plan B: Allen wrenches. They looked a little silly, but functioned quite well!

Here begins one race (I love the row of onlookers at left)....

...and here ends another. Zach's skateboard is in the center lane in this photo.

Zach didn't win any prizes for speed this year, but he did earn second place in the "most original design" category. He already has design ideas for next year, both for speed and creativity. I am sure the Pinewood Derby will be a grand tradition for many years to come!

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