Mar 8, 2010

Ski Day!

When we decided to move from Oregon to Colorado, we made a "bucket list" of favorite things we HAD to do before we left. While our house was on the market, we spent our time checking things off the list. I'm happy to say we accomplished nearly every activity, and we made some fantastic memories in the process.

While we haven't formulated an official list of things we must do before leaving Colorado, Garry and I agreed that skiing had to happen -- at least for the boys. How could we leave these beautiful mountains without enjoying that activity once?

Saturday was the big day. Garry and the boys packed bags and loaded the car the night before, anxious with anticipation. They hit the road at 5:45 a.m. and traveled to Monarch Mountain, which is about a three-hour drive south and west of Colorado Springs. The roads were dry and clear, but there was plenty of snow on the mountain!

Zachary was a natural on his skis. Garry gave a few minutes of instruction and he was off. Tyler's learning curve was a little steeper, but he still did pretty well. He and Zachary had a blast all day long.

The day was surprisingly need for the extra layers they brought to bundle against the cold. Garry and the boys spent a lot of time waiting in line for the ski lift. Saturday was a really popular day for skiing!

Here are some video clips (that won't center for anything) from their day. I am totally impressed that Garry was able to teach and keep tabs on both boys, ski himself, and take video at the same time!

Zach skiing:

Tyler skiing:

Both boys skiing:

Garry and the boys stayed at Monarch Mountain until the ski lift closed at 4:00. They stopped for a pizza dinner in Canon City. The kitchen staff goofed on their order, so they came home with tons of extra pizza!

Zachary and Tyler fell asleep on the way home and went straight to bed when they arrived. As they stumbled from the car to their rooms, each of them stopped to give me a hug and an enthusiastic (yet groggy) re-cap of the day. I think it was a magical outing for everyone, and I'm thrilled they all came home in one piece.

We are hoping that Flagstaff, Arizona has ski resorts!
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