Mar 9, 2010


Gavin is a VERY verbal two-year-old. He speaks in complete sentences and his enunciation is unbelievable. He is also quite in tune with how he is feeling and how other people are feeling. One of the things I find most endearing is the way Gavin lengthens the last word syllable of a sentence. "I want a diaper wif a birdie" becomes "I want a diaper wif a birrrrrdeeee." And, despite all of the complicated things Gavin can say, he mostly grunts instead of saying a simple "yes." One day he'll start saying "yes," and then I'll know he's really grown up.

Now I shall record some Gavinisms for my current and future amusement. This list is bound to grow with time -- check back for updates!

"Should we go get a nail (the mail)? Here are da keys."

"Dat feels (meaning tastes) gross."

"Good morning, Mommy. How did you sleep?"

"Mommy, are you well? Say 'well.'"

"Amen -- say it!"

"Hi Zach! How was your day?"

"Hey, girlie!"

"Unbuckle me up!"

"Baboon to you!"

"Daddy, I'm so glad you're home."

"Daddy cleaned my bum last night." (Last night is his only reference to time. Everything happened last night.)

"I fiiiink...I should wear jammies today."

"I don't see it. Don't see it!"

"Tyler, why are you sad?"

"Lexi is a good boy. She likes me."

"Can I watch Gabba on your bed? I need the covers on Daddy's side."


I'm pretty sure that God gave Gavin his charm to help me smile on the days when his antics make my blood boil. Like yesterday, when he screamed in his room for an hour instead of napping (he is seriously threatening to give up napping altogether). When I finally rescued him, he handed me his poopy diaper and showed me where he had peed all over the floor and his favorite stuffed bear. Also yesterday: painting himself with my lip gloss (twice) and spilling a container of grain puffs all over my bedroom.

So how did we end the day?

Mommy: I love you, Gavin. You're a good boy.
Gavin: I love you, Mommy. You're a good boy, too.
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