Mar 24, 2010

Let it snow (because we have no choice)!

We left Phoenix yesterday as a torrential rain storm was beginning. Apparently we missed the worst of it, as well as the worst of the rain-induced snarling traffic. But we hadn't been gone too long when we started getting texts, both from Mesa and Colorado Springs, about the predicted weather in Colorado: snow, and lots of it.

The roads were mostly dry during our long journey. Just was we hit Colorado Springs city limits, a light rain began to fall. Ten minutes later, as we exited the freeway, the first snow flakes fell. An hour later we had three inches of snow on our driveway, and this morning the whole world was under a thick, wet blanket of white.

Most of our yard was buried eight inches deep, as proven by this ruler. But some of the drifts were much higher. They reminded me of the peaks of meringue on my mom's lemon pies.

Garry set to work shoveling our driveway. It was a slow process since the snow was much wetter than usual, and since so much had accumulated overnight. Gavin wanted to be involved, so he put on rain boots over bare feet (after I nixed wearing my shoes). Then he came in for socks and ran through the snow in those. Then he decided being inside was a good idea.

Zachary definitely lasted the longest in the snow today. This afternoon he built snow people all by himself. Maybe tomorrow he'll add to the family. This stuff isn't going anywhere soon!

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