Mar 15, 2010

Ten months

I am very happy to see my sweet Lexi smile as we celebrate ten months of her life. What a darling little girl! Oh, how I love my baby.

Lexi was a pretty sick cookie over the weekend. A raging fever sapped her strength, her appetite, and her personality. Gavin had a random high fever about 10 days ago, so at first I assumed she had caught his nasty bug. Lexi's fever was higher and more prolonged than Gavin's, and her refusal to nurse or eat worried me. On Sunday afternoon, Garry and our friend Bob gave Lexi a priesthood blessing, and then I took her to the Urgent Care clinic. After a long wait and thorough exam, the doctor offered a Strep test, which was negative. Since Lexi lacked any other symptoms that could explain the fever, the doctor opted to collect a urine sample for a UTI culture. (Just for the record, the catheterization process was absolutely miserable.) The sample looked suspicious, so Lexi is on an antibiotic pending UTI confirmation. She is much happier today, though clearly still uncomfortable. I am grateful for the progress.

In other Lexi news:
  • We moved the crib mattress down to accommodate Lexi's constant standing.
  • Lexi has discovered lots of naughty nooks and crannies: the dishwasher, the toilet, toilet paper, towel racks, cupboards, the pantry, my make-up and stairs.
  • Lexi is a carnivore. She LOVES meat of all kinds. Last night she ate sweet and sour meatballs, mixed with rice, by the handful. There were lots of crumblies in her bib, but she devoured most of two meatballs. I only ate four.
  • She can wave.
  • Her fourth tooth (the second on top) has been trying to come in for over a month. When it finally breaks through the gum, I think it will be as big as the tooth beside it. She must be in agony.
  • Her scalp is terribly dry. I lather it with olive oil every time she bathes, but the scalp still flakes a lot, which is quite visible through her light hair. Oh, well!
  • Lexi doesn't use the bath chair in the tub anymore. She kept standing up in it and trying to climb out. She is much more content during bath time now and loves the freedom.
  • She hates socks and shoes. Hates. People comment and give me weird looks when they see my little girl out in cold weather with no socks or shoes. She takes them off constantly; it's hardly worth the effort. She doesn't like tights or jammies with feet, either. I wonder if she'll always enjoy bare feet.
  • Lexi is a cuddle bug. She adores blankets and stuffed animals. Garry gave her a little dog for Valentine's Day that is super soft and cozy. She loves it.
Here's a cute video of Lexi last week.

It's hard to believe that our little girl is approaching her first birthday! We love you, Lexi.
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