Mar 24, 2010

Remember when Eric got married?

When I think about my brother's wedding weekend, I might remember the arduous 15-hour trek our family took to Mesa. I might remember how we all slept in one bedroom (plus the closet), that Garry forgot his dress pants, or that our credit card was on fraud alert. I might remember the stresses of finding matching clothes and of keeping the kids out of the way during reception set-up, of feeling awkwardly fat in all the pictures, or that Lexi slept badly during our stay and cut her fourth tooth. I might remember all of those crazy things.

But what I will remember most about the weekend Eric and Jentry got married can be summed up in one fabulous word: family.

I will always remember how much I enjoyed being with Angie and Rachel and seeing our three little girls together. I am really looking forward to the day when park dates and game nights and pedicures and family dinners are a regular thing.

I think it's so cool that once upon a time these three ladies, my mom (in pink) and her sisters, once had three baby girls in the same year, and that we are the lucky second generation that will have close cousins.

I will remember the time spent with grandparents who rarely see my kids. I will remember play time and story time and dinner time with all the cousins. I will remember the way Gavin called his cousin "Little Pink Iris" every time he saw her.

I will remember laughing with my own cousins...laughing and laughing and laughing. I hope that the cousins who are thinking about moving to Arizona will actually move there! What a party we could all have together!

I will remember missing Elder Dixon, but being thrilled that he still attended the wedding festivities in spirit (and in cardboard).

I will remember the glorious day, March 19, when Eric and Jentry were sealed for time and all eternity in the Arizona Temple. I will remember holding Garry's hand during the ceremony, reminiscing about the day that we made the same sacred covenants that seal our family together forever. I will remember the sweet friend who watched our children during the sealing, and the miracle that kept Gavin in the stroller the entire time. I will remember the feelings of love that surrounded me as my family gathered on the steps of the temple. I love that I am related to all of those wonderful people!

I will remember the gorgeous reception in my mom's backyard that night. (For some fantastic pictures of the event, visit my sister's blog.) I will remember how much I laughed as we tried to pose nine kids under 9, and that for a small moment I didn't care about how I looked -- I cared about how happy Eric and Jentry were, and how glad I was there to celebrate their special day.

I might remember the long drive home, we were packed together for 14 long hours, how the van became a toxic waste dump, how we just beat a giant snow storm, and how the door to the house was open when we finally arrived.

But I'm sure I'll mostly remember the love...for these four kids, my dear husband, and all the family we are blessed to call our own.
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