Mar 31, 2010

Signs of Spring

At the end of March, it finally feels like Spring. I am noticing signs everywhere.

These wind chimes, powered by the near-constant Spring breeze, make me happy every day. Many thanks to my dad, who bought them for us last year when he visited for Lexi's blessing.

I am especially excited about the tulips sprouting in my flower beds. They have multiplied since last year! The tulips in the back yard are a few weeks ahead of those in the front. (They are different varieties.)

The tree out front is on the verge of blooming. I cannot wait for the green leaves to return.

The kids don't care about green -- they just like the warm sunshine.

Spring, of course, brings Easter. Our Family Home Evening lesson this week focused on Jesus Christ. While we talked about the Atonement, we frosted and decorated sugar cookies shaped like bunnies and eggs and birds and tulips. We delivered plates to a few friends in celebration of the season!

I look forward to seeing the changes in our yard and life that are bound to happen in the next month!
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