Mar 24, 2010


This afternoon Gavin wanted a sandwich for a snack, so he brought me bread, peanut butter, and a knife when he got too frustrated with the process to complete it himself. He is two, you know, and the intricacies of spreading peanut butter are a little beyond his grasp.

I asked if he wanted jam. He said, "Hm....I want honey. No, dam. Peanut butter and dam." We looked in the freezer for the jam. "Dere it is! Dere is da dam!"

I tried to coax Gavin to say jam correctly. "Gavin, say juh-juh-juh-jam."

He said, "Ch-ch-ch-DAM!"


So he took his little sandwich to the table and that was that.

Two hours later, I heard some clanking in the kitchen. I was sure Gavin was downstairs...but he wasn't.

Guess he wanted another dam sandwich.

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